Call of The Ocean

Solo Circumnavigation, Non-Stop Unaided World Record Attempt 2018

As Szymon wrote in his summary of the 32nd week: “This gives a ray of hope to better the time of Alessandro di Benedetto. In 2010 he circumnavigated the Globe in a modified Mini 650 in 268 days. He broke his mast at Cape Horn and finished with it damaged. Until now our stories have been very similar. I’ve given myself a finishing deadline at the breakwater of Plymouth on 14 May 2000 UTC. This will be exactly 268 days of my cruise. Until then the race is on!” Call of the Ocean is an around-the-world cruise by Szymon Kuczyński in the yacht Maxus 22, 6.36m long (20ft 10.4in). The sailor departed on the 19th of August 2018 from Plymouth with the intention of a non-stop circumnavigation. At this moment he has already passed the three capes and is left with around 4000nm to the finish line. The yacht was built and adapted for the cruise in the Northman shipyard. Call of the Ocean is Szymon’s second circumnavigation. In 2016 he finished the Maxus Solo Around, using the same yacht, going through the Panama Canal, and being able to enter ports. The voyage can be tracked by means of a mobile application for iOS & Android: "Zew Oceanu".

call of the ocean - yacht world record

About Northman UK

The production capacity has grown from a small family run business, to a factory producing over 100 boats per year. During this period of time we have selected a good and professional team, whose experience is reflected in the high quality of our products, is the foundation of our company.

We also produce non-standard yachts to suit our customers needs. The use of high quality materials, professional machinery, separate production areas (beginning with the booth to spray gel coats and ending with a quality control with a pool and sprinklers) and supervision at every stage of creating a boat, allow us to meet the most demanding projects.

Our own models of sailing yachts Maxus and motor Northman 1200 and Nexus Revo, created by leading designers, are popular among the most demanding sailors. Not only do they gain a number of awards, but also meet high standards and quality European requirements, which is proved by the fact that all our vessels bear CE marking.

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Our yachts have met a positive reception all over the world. They are identified with the highest level of nautical effectiveness, which has been not only verified by Polish and foreign sailors but also in dozens of prizes, both from national and international experts.

We create units for inland shore as well as open sea sailing, for racing and even for a round the world trip (Maxus Solo Around, Call of the Ocean). Both charter models and custom made. We offer only the best quality.


Our boats are not only certified by the Polish Register of Shipping but also prepared according to the requirements of other countries, registers and organizations (like ISAF Offshore Special Regulations).

We are the users of our yachts: the Ahoj Czarter modern fleet with over 100 of vessels is based only on boats manufactured in the Northman shipyard. Each year we test and make analysis of modifications and improvements introduced to our vessels. The experience gained allows us to build vessels that are even more perfect and meet the expectations of our retail customers.

About The Factory

At the end of 2012 we completed the expansion and modernization of our shipyard. Obtaining subsidies and the engagement of our own resources enabled us to design and finish process lines in buildings with a total area of more than 5 thousand square meters. Due to in-depth analysis of technology and customer needs and the use of innovative solutions, we managed to create perfect conditions for the construction of boats. At present we meet the highest quality standards, while cutting production costs. As a result, we can offer our customers exceptional yachts.

In the modernized facility there were separated the zones and rooms for the production including, Booth for spraying gel coat, Black smith iron works, Laminating room, CNC machined joinery, Upholstery, Electrical & Final assembly with quality control throughout.